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Hear former Dewa 19 frontman Once Mekel’s cover of Chrisye’s ‘Sabda Alam’

Former Dewa 19 frontman Once Mekel has dropped a cover of the Chrisye song ‘Sabda Alam’ (‘Nature’s Order’).

The Indonesian artist’s cover of the 1978 song released alongside a serene accompanying lyric video which premiered on YouTube on Friday (January 29).

Announcing the release on Instagram, Once said he aimed to help revive the famous song, which was co-written by Chrisye and the late actor and songwriter Junaedi Salat.

“From ‘Sabda Alam’, we are reminded again by the universe that we are actually small creatures,” Once said in a statement. “It does not mean that we are considered small in God’s eyes, but we still have to respect and always keep this universe from the Creator.”

Once also added on Instagram that the song serves as a reminder to humanity to protect nature, “because we, too, depend on it.”

“Thank you to all the friends here who have listened to the song and watched the lyric video. May this be your favourite song.”

‘Sabda Alam’ is the title track of the late progressive pop singer Chrisye’s second studio album, which was critically acclaimed and recognised as one of Indonesia’s best albums of all time.

Once’s cover comes after Indonesian DJ duo Diskoria teamed up with songwriting trio Laleilmanino on their collaborative tribute ‘C.H.R.I.S.Y.E.’, featuring actress and singer Eva Celia in mid-January.

Last year, Once released his single ‘Karenda Kucinta Kau’. In 2018, the artist launched two singles ‘Terbang’, which was on the original soundtrack for the namesake film, as well as ‘Manaklukkan Dunia’ (‘Conquer the World’) featuring Shakira Jasmine.

Once officially left Dewa 19 when the group disbanded in 2011, but has participated in reunion concerts since.

Since his departure from the band, Once has released three studio albums, starting with ‘Once’ (2012), followed by ‘Instrinsik’ (2015), and ‘Beautiful Soul’ (2018). Last year, Once released the deluxe edition of ‘Intrinsik’.

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